SBS – a flexible and feature-rich centralized video management solution, specifically designed for multi-location organizations. It aggregates different video recording devices such as NVR or HVR deployed across multiple floors, buildings, sites, cities or countries. It offers centralized live video monitoring and recording of all cameras connected to any device, anywhere. The user can search any specific video stream based on location, date-time or events and playback instantly. In addition, it collects events from all the locations and promptly displays and alerts users, helping them prevent irregularities instead of reacting after it is too late. Furthermore, users can configure and monitor all the recording devices from the central location, eliminating breakdowns and delays, thereby enhance effectiveness of overall video surveillance and reduce operational cost substantially.

Some of the key features of SBS which help the enterprises in increasing security and productivity along with simplified management are:

  • Full HD Recording
  • Synchronous Playback
  • Timeline-based Search
  • Camerawise Recording Retention
  • Cascading of Cameras
  • SMS & Email Alerts
  • Scheduled Backup on FTP & NAS
  • 3G Connectivity
  • Recording and Live Monitoring
  • Live view from Mobile, Tab, iPad, Desktop and Laptop anywhere in the Word
  • Email Alert for Motion Detection, Video Loss and Tempering

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