EVMS is designed on four pillars: Visibility, control, intelligence and integration. It offers multi-level and consolidated live-view by aggregating multiple video streams from different sites, locations and cameras. Designated security personnel or managers can watch these feeds and respond to the situation as it happens. EVMS is packed with many intelligent features and video analytics to help security personnel and managers in responding proactively to prevent incidents. Furthermore, EVMS can be integrated with other solutions such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Fire-Alarm and Building Management System to strengthen security. It is specifically designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of large and multi-location enterprises. Some of the features of EVMS are:

  • Fully Distributed Solution for Large Installation
  • Single Location Multiple Server Installation
  • Multiple Location Multiple Server Installation
  • Multiple NVR, DVR, HVR connecting, monitoring and managing from a central location
  • Intelligent Video analytics and varieties notification through Email, SMS and Alarm system
  • Access Control integration facilities

Monitoring Options
Technical Connectivity of EVMS